180 Degrees

The easy thing for me to do is name this particular artist, but I don't want to because there is a 1% side of me that is clinging on this their glory years (though by the time you're done reading this you may know who I'm talking about). So here we go...

This person was my Hip Hop idol. They could do no wrong when it came to their musical output. Raw emcee, but was spittin' hella nice. Had a great ear for beats and part of two of the best duos of all time. I mean even their mediocre and weak stuff I defended, and even I hated it! I still rode for them and rode hard. Still bought any artistic offerings they had. Hit them up on MySpace and they actually replied, though underwhelmingly, but never the less that was communication that I had with an artist that inspired me big time. They came to Memphis and had a secret concert at one of the universities here and I think they came again, but I'm not sure. Definitely disappointed that I couldn't go, but my man the late great Fathom 9 went and it was what I would have expected...dopeness.

Now this artist is looked at as a laughing stock. Why? Because of the internet. More appropriately social media. To break it down a bit more, Twitter (this is where some of you may know who I'm speaking of now). When you're beginning to be more known for being overbearing on social media than your output something is wrong. They've been part of at least 5 classic albums. Yet you'd rather focus your energy on there. Now a popular site that catered and supported them and artist like them is now calling this artist an idiot and a loser. If it was one instance I'd got back to 1998 MaxPtah and defend the hell of them, but an older, wiser MaxPtah is inclined to agree with them. Hopefully they'll take a look at their reflection and switch up their train of thought.

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