Why the new site????

So, why the new site? Well there are plenty reasons, but I'll focus on the main one. I'm not really too much a fan of social media. I do have them, but you have to find a way to stand out. Now social media is awesome when it comes to promoting and advertising, but you can't have the social media platform as your "brand". I feel that its easy to get lost in that world so I just felt that it was better to just use social media as a place to promote my brand. I could use social media to just funnel everything and everyone here. I'll be able to pretty much control things, and plus it would be a bit more personal. I also would be able to do more exclusive stuff here so in actuality it works out better for me. As for the artistTREE website, it is still running, but I have moved it to another platform and I will be adding content to that one as well. I'll be (back to) posting more blogs here, more music, and just more media to get things back up to speed. Also I'll be running the podcast I have going now, The Champion Hills Podcast with my guys Chris and KB Da Don, on here so you'll be able to listen here as well as your favorite podcasting app. Just a lot more options to go along on here as opposed to trying to fit everything over on Facegram or Instawitter or what ever you use. Anyway, stay tuned!!!

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