Culture Power45 "Fruition" Album

Yo, what's good? If you've been following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you've been seeing me post about Culture Power45. I am part of this collective as an investor, artist, producer, and engineer. I, along with nine other talented black Hip Hop artists, have created our own niche market. That market is in the vinyl market. We've released plenty of 45s and last month we release our first full compilation album. On July 29th at The House of Mtenzi we will have a grand show hosted by another CP45 artist, Jason Da Hater. This will be a chance for people to get on and see what the buzz has been all about. From Okayplayer, to being co-signed by Gensu Dean, DJ Premier, and Large Professor, Memphis is really in for a treat. So come on out and have a great time with Culture Power45.


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