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I have a love/hate relationship with social media. Let me retract that. I have a like/disdain partnership with social media. So thanks to Facebook keeping tabs on me, I joined nine years ago, but before that I was on myspace. When the initial explosion of social media started it was pretty cool. I pretty much used it for my music. I built quite a nice following with it to. I was a heavy blogger at that time to. I was engaging people. I was sharing a lot more music back then as well. Made some mad connects, too. Of course I was doing the other things any other young twenty-somethings would do as well. Make my way to some woman's inbox although I was dating someone. Posting the proverbial "damn you sexy" on someone's wall. So I can admit I was having fun and taking advantage of the newness of social media at the same time. Then something happened. I can't tell you exactly what, but I deleted that account. All the connects and everything I made I threw away. Trying to think back on it now I really can't tell you why I did it lol.

Now, I'm the total opposite. roughly 10-plus years later I'm not engaging anymore. I've had the itch to blog, but never wanted to post it on social media (I'm doing better with the website, lol). Every time I made a new beat I rush to put it on myspace and even early on Facebook. Now, I'd post a short video to Instagram instead, and those are far and in between. A lot of things led to that change though. Most are self-inflicted. Some are seeing how people are using social media, both positive and negative. Some people like to have fun on there and some people use it to inform. Me? Well I think I mostly use it to promote things. I know I'm using it now to roll out the website (which honestly hasn't had a proper rollout yet, so if you have been following for the past few weeks these are exclusives) and updates on what is posted here. For me its better if I have my own section in cyberspace to let loose. If I don't feel it this time being social just isn't for me.

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