Culture Power 45 "Fruition" Listening Party Recap

First off I want to say a big thanks to everyone that came out, everyone who put this event together, and every single one of the performers/beatmakers/DJs that showed their stuff. This was an awesome night filled with fun, great music and a celebration of what we are doing over at Culture Power 45. I was honored to be a part of this show and it felt great to perform again. My man Dante said I've been quiet for too long so I must be up to something and my beat set showed that. First off, the host, Jason Da Hater (BOO!!!) set us up for the night, but the lame jokes could have been kept (lol). Then DJ Infamous Flame kicked off the night spinning some ill never before heard cuts I'm searching for now. Then Culture Power 45 DJ Waht played some of the album and got some got positve vibes on it. BUT...EMPEE, Cool D, OTF NE$ brought it big time also. Some talented dudes here in the city with some mean stuff. As far as the performances though everyone shined in there own way. Shout out to Protege for being able to perform here in Memphis, his hometown, for the first time and as we always do here we showed him love for it. Then Cesar Comanche's partner, Ghostdog, came up and rocked the crowd with some ill energy. Then Illatron's Finest, 9th Scientist got on the mic and gave us some jewels and some soul food to take with us. Marcel P. Black captivated the crowd and had some mad energy and made a new fan in myself that night. And of course the vets in Truth Universal and Cesar Comanche showed why they have and are still here in the game with fresh material and even some of their older stuff is way better than a lot of the disposable music that is out today. All in all this was a great night and I wish all of Memphis could have showed up for this...but don't worry...there will be more....

#CulturePower45 #Fruition #MaxPtah #9thScientist #Protege #MarcelPBlack #JasonDaHater #EMPEE #CoolD #OTFNE #Ghostdog #CesarComanche #TruthUniversal #DJFlame #DJWaht #HipHop #Memphis

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