This is Gonna Be a Long One... So Make Yourselves Comfortable...

This time of year is usually my favorite time of the year. NFL season starts. The weather gets cooler. People usually start to get a bit more relaxed knowing that slower times are ahead. Baseball season winding down. NBA season getting ready to rev up. 2017 seems different though, but I don't mean Fall 2017. I'm talking about ALL of 2017. I can give you a litany of reasons why, but I can guarantee you that the 45th reason is 99.9% of why. If you happen to check out our podcast (I'm behind on putting them on the site, taking care of that soon) you've noticed that we've been covering a lot more race and political topics more. Honestly it wasn't by design. We were going to talk about that, but we didn't know it would be at the rate it is. I'm not the one to be all on social media expressing my thoughts and all of that. Not because I'm afraid to and don't want to, its just a bunch of keyboard warriors out there and I'm not going to rile myself up behind a computer screen. I'm going to use this space for me to say how I feel and you can shoot me an email on how you feel about it. If it comes to name calling I'm not going to entertain it.

The whole thing about the national anthem protesting has pretty much made me look at a bunch of people sideways. The protesting, up until this past Sunday, has been admirable by everybody doing it. I support y'all. Thank you. It's this past Sunday that has made me question a lot of people. Mostly in the NFL. Honestly you know what...I'm gonna let the homie Shanon Sharpe take it away from here:

Powerful. Needed. What Shannon Sharpe said has been my whole feeling since this all happened. You aren't worried about what Kaep is really protesting, but rather these owners are protesting being bullied. NOPE. And again to the people not understanding what Kaep is protesting. HE IS NOT PROTESTING THE FLAG, MILITARY, COPS, ETC. HE IS PROTESTING THE UNFAIR TREATMENT OF POC IN THIS COUNTRY. This has nothing to do with a piece of cloth. You have policemen and firefighters calling Mike Tomlin a "no good n*gger", got a firefighter saying Trump should have snipers up top and should pick off everyone not standing. We can't win. Protest aggressively? Oh you're too violent. Protest peacefully? You're disrespectful. So basically we should shut up and tap dance? Gotcha. We should have told the people in Charlottesville, VA that then.

#MaxPtah #ColinKaepernick #NFL

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