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So the good people over at Mass Appeal put out a list of the "25 Best Rapper/Producers of All Time" and on the surface I thought of some names that would no doubt be on the list without question then I thought about some that shouldn't be on the list that made it and it was one on here that completely blindsided me. You can checkout the list for yourself here. Read on and I'm gonna put my two cents in on a few things.

Word! Q-Tip being at number 1

I used to hear it a lot that he was the best dual threat in the history of Hip Hop. For some strange reason I always needed to hear "more". I knew for sure that when it came to rhyming he was a no-brainer, but the young me really didn't know how much he contributed as a producer. As I got older and learned somethings I definitely agree that he is the best of dual threats there is out there. No knock against my FAVORITE dual threat which is RZA, but Tip definitely holds the crown here.

Bruh! Mac Miller

When two of my cohorts said that when they saw Mac Miller they immediately said the list was invalid I fell out crying with laughter. I can honestly say I've never heard a Mac Miller song, rhyme, or beat before in my life up until yesterday. He's cool, but there were no doubt three names that should have been there instead of him.

Word! Having Missy high up there on this list

I have long stopped putting women in their own box when it comes to Hip Hop. MC Lyte is one of the be spitters of all time, Rapsody just put out maybe the best album of the year, and Missy is in a class all by herself when it comes to this. She has range when it comes to producing and rapping and she can lay claim to that and I would defend her. Hits as a rapper and producer for herself? Got'em. Hits for other rappers as a producer? Got'em. Album cuts she produced that has been the best song on another artist album? Got'em. She has earned her own wing in a physical Hip Hop Hall of Fame.

Bruh! Eminem cracking the Top Ten

As an emcee its a no brainer for him to be on top ten list. As a rapper/producer though I can't see it. I got him and Mac Miller in the Bruh! list, so that may look like I'm doubling down on my black folk lol. Nah, I just don't really feel Em as a producer. Don't get me wrong now, he got some joints, and I mean he's a pretty good damn producer and he does deserve to be in the conversation, but top ten is a little to high for my liking.

Word! Pimp C, Scarface, and Juicy J getting some love

I'm from the south. At the time I was into music I was more east/west coast than anything. My brothers played NWA, Too Short, Run DMC, Whodini, Public Enemy, and DJ Quik a lot. So that's all I knew for a long time. Then my brothers introduced me to Rap-A-Lot and a whole new world was opened up. I liked that when talking about Face (and Pimp) they mentioned N.O. Joe, Jon Bido, and Mike Dean, but as time went on I noticed the influence Face had on the production side. Pimp C was just that dude when it came to being a dual threat. He crafted a sound that would lay the foundation for southern Hip Hop in the 90's and its a formula that is still rocked today (I see you K.R.I.T!). Speaking of laying foundations, Juicy J helped lay foundations that he and his Three-Six brethren came up with in the late 80s...yes muhfukahs...late 80s. The Crunk sound that dominated the 2000s and the popularity of the triplet flow was something that he help perfect decades ago. Glad to see him (and Memphis by extension) get some love here.

Bruh! - Three names left out...

I was surprised that three names were inexplicably missing: Pete Rock, Black Milk, and Oddisee. Pete Rock has been holding it down for decades and if Dr. Dre can make the list at number 25, you could've had him and The Chocolate Boywonder share that ranking. No he isn't a lyrical firespitter on the mic, but he could hold his own plus he is one of the best to do it behind the boards...sounds familiar?...sans the classics though. Now maybe BM and Oddisee haven't had the commercial success that a majority of that list has. I can bet this though: They can rap circles around about 15 of them and have better production than about the same. DOOM may not have the commercial success, but he has a cult following and the same can be said for Dilla. BM and Oddisee has done nothing but put out solid material year after year after year and it goes unnoticed by many. That's ok though. The world will catch up to them one day...

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