Happy Holidays/Resolutions

What's happenin' good people! Hope you've been enjoying your Holiday season so far and I hope they have been wonderful for you. Here we are coming to another end of a year and heading into a new one. The last month or so has been somewhat of a music resurgence for myself. If you follow me on IG (@maxptah) you have probably seen two things: more music posting from myself and a contact person to hit up for beats. Jeremy Hunter is the guy you would need to hit up if you want to talk prices for beats and all of that goodness. So I've been looking at 2018 so far and it looks clean right now. Another Culture Power45 compilation is slated to hit along with a instrumental EP with Empee and Cool D. Also working on a 45 with my man 9th Scientist out of Little Rock so be on the lookout for that. A resolution that I am going to work on in 2018 is getting back to being more visible. Whether its social media or getting back out to local shows I need to again be visible. About 10 years ago I said by this time I'd be done with music and moving on to something else, but looking back at the past few months I've made the best music of my life and the love I've been getting on IG has been proof of that. Also gonna be posting a lot more, be it the podcast I got with my guys or some exclusive beat videos, I have an awesome platform here and I will take full advantage of it. Be on the lookout for the Native Instruments series I'll be starting up at the beginning of the year, too. Til then, have a blessed New Year, and be safe. Peace...


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