My .02: Type Beat Producers

This is a pretty hot topic at this point now. For those who don’t know or understand what a “Type Beat” producer is, it’s a beatmaker/producer, who’s relatively unknown; who makes beats in the style that a popular rapper would rap on. For example, Drake has a very distinct sound, so producer x would make a beat similar to that and upload it to YouTube for aspiring artists (and popular ones for that matter) can listen to, “use”, or buy or lease the beat from.

I’ll admit that at first I wasn’t cool with it. It felt cheap and unoriginal. Like you’re using someone else’s style to get you one. Basically you’re a shark nigga (Peace to Ghostface). No originality in the production at all. All the producer did was take the same type sounds and the same type groove, drums, pattern, basically everything, and made a beat out of it. I once had a client who I was recording come in and rhyme over a few Type Beats and I just kind of thought “Ok….”, but homie spit on those so at least the songs came out dope. Then I read this article and it put something on my mind. For the most part we’ve been doing Type Beats for the longest, but it was never a “culture” as it is now. Basically that is because there wasn’t anything like YouTube back then. I do respect the hustle of the Type Beat producer and also respect the community they have. It really is a phenomenon. Here are producers using these tools to their advantage to try to get on, yet still have control over their music. No longer do you need to shop to labels anymore. Now you can just upload your beats to YouTube and add the popular rapper’s name and drive traffic there. And if your beat is hot you can get some business from it. Now I won’t go as far as saying they are the heart of everything like Taz said, but I understand

why he said it. I respect everything about the Type Beat community, but I’m still on the side of I can’t do it. I can’t because I’d be relying on another producer’s sound to get on. If I get on off of that beat there is a chance you will be put in a basket. You can get all the accolades and money and everything, but when you want to get your sound out you may have people say I want something like the joint you did for rapper X. Now you’re in that box. Your sound may not hit not because its wack, but because of your last hit. It can really be a slippery slope. But I salute Type Beat producers on your hustle. Stay grinding fam.

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