Word to 9th Wonder...

I saw this tweet on my twitter timeline and it made me realize how much people don't realize not only how many choices in music there is out there, but that music of any genre is producing good music right now, but its all about what YOU want to listen to. I'm not the one (anymore, at least) to chastise someone over their music choices. If you're a Migos fan, be the biggest Migos fan and support their music and other ventures. If you're an Eminem fan, be the most hardcore of Stans, but basically I don't care lol. What I don't like is the bashing of the cats you don't listen to. I don't listen to a lot of rappers, but I respect their hustle and their grind. In most of their lyrics they're not talking to me. Even if its supposed to be a "party and have fun song" it doesn't move me. I'm not a Future fan at all (Karate Chop, Fuck Up Some Commas, and Mask Off are some jams though) but I'll never bash that cat and talk bad about him musically. He's found his lane and he's thriving in it. Can't hate on that. I'd rather big up the people I listen to. Right now the best albums out belong to Phonte, Nipsey Hussle, Jericho Jackson (Khrysis & Elzhi), Black Milk, Evidence, and Skyzoo. You may agree...you may disagree, but I'll promote them instead of shitting on artists I don't listen too. That's too much damn negative energy to exude. Time is to short that. In my world, Hip Hop is in an awesome place and it should be in yours, too.

#MaxPtah #HipHoop #9thWonder #Phonte #NipseyHussle

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