My .02: Sample Packs

I am old school to my heart. Very old school when it comes to music so much to a point where it hampers me a bit. I’m becoming better though. Technology is advancing and the best thing to do is adapt. I think I did quicker than most of my producer friends here. As far as I know I was one of the first to take on computer based beatmaking with Reason 3. Not saying I am the first, but among the people I was doing music with I ventured there first. It definitely changed the game for me. I went from the DR-5, to Roland Groovebox 909, to MC-303, then MPC 1000 before testing out Reason. Now I’m on to using the Maschine and I have no problem telling you my workflow is a lot quicker because…well Technology. One of the biggest game changers in the music world now are sample packs. You have genre sample packs (Trap, House, Trance, Hip Hop, etc) and you have producers who go and bundle some of their drums and other sounds together and sell them as sample packs. !llmind famously has the Blap Kit series and Just Blaze famously put out his drums for free if Meow The Jewels sold a certain number of copies. Native Instruments and Akai sell sample packs to go with the machines they have to inspire you to start making music. I don’t see anything wrong with it, but I understand why producers, especially older ones, would have a problem with it. I came up in an era where you had to dig to find drums, horn stabs, piano chords and loops, or anything you wanted. That was as much of the process as putting the beat together. Now you have people giving you the tools and wanting you to be great. I can respect that. I’ve done more than my fair share of digging (and continue to do) so I have a folder of sounds that I’ve been using for decades, but I’m not gonna sit up here and front and act like I don’t use any of the Native Instruments sample packs. In fact I may start a series on my favorite ones. Now I don’t use them as is though. I take any processing off of it and do my own. And some of the drums on the packs are really nice…can’t front on that either. I don’t look down on anyone who uses them or anyone who relies on them for production. Do you fam. At the end of the day, just make some dope shit that bangs. I can give a flying flip how you made it.

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