So last week saw Kanye West basically in the spotlight all week. From the tweets to the two new songs at the end of the week to the rant at Snoop Dogg. I could make this blog about Kanye, but I'd rather go in the direction of being more general. In this era of entertainment, is it really necessary to engulf yourself in controversy in order to sell? I understand keeping yourself relevant because you don't want the public to forget you, but do you go overboard when it seems like trolling? This is nothing new for Kanye as he's made a marketing ploy out of this every time he is about to release a new project, but I just want to know is it really necessary go to the extreme before a release? I remember when all it took was a hot music video and hitting the talk show circuit to get the buzz going. Then it went to finding the right music blog to get the buzz going. Now its all about sending out naked pics and or just doing very outlandish shit to get the buzz going. For me, it actually turns me off. But then again maybe because a lot of the artists I listen to don't go that route. I guess it is a cheaper route take due to being able to have your own platform via social media and you won't have to create a travel budget and you won't be censored on your own platform (supposedly...I'm looking at you Zuckerberg). You'll still be criticized, but you don't have to reply or anything. You can just say or do what you want to do then go on about your business and watch TMZ or something like that and see your relevancy shoot through the roof. I'm not gonna comment on any of the Kanye stuff though...well, I guess this is all I'll say, but this is more in general. Everybody has a right to their opinions, even if I don't agree with them and I feel like they suck. I'm not gonna tear you down for your opinions, but more so your actions. We not gonna beef over opinions because to me its pointless. We can agree to disagree and move on, and if we can't, we can just sever ties and keep it cordial. I'd have no friends if that is the case. Just keep the music (or your art) on point and I'd be able to dig that.

Unless you're R. Kelly...

Fuck you R. Kelly...

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