What Inspired Me to Become a Music Producer...

The homie and manager Jeremy Hunter (@jeremyhunterpresents on Instagram) sent me an Instagram post regarding this and I think because I've talked about this on previous blogs I had (ah...the good ol' myspace days) I guess I felt like I didn't have to talk about anymore. But then I realized I have a whole new audience here. So as Hov said "Allow me to re-introduce myself my name is..."

(Believe it or not I had to condense this cause it was all over the place...I may come back to what I had written in a later post lol)

The sound of music has always been something I've loved no matter the genre. Music has always been able to evoke some kind of emotion out of people whether it was happy, sad, thoughtful, or anger. Could you imagine a world where music is absent? This would be a really crappy place to inhabit lol. When I started the last thing on my mind was always an award or accolades. Don't get me wrong those things are awesome and if that is your goal you should fight to get that. My initial goal was to one day see something I made or produced in the Rap/Hip Hop section of a record store and especially after I worked in one for three years. Once I reached that goal I knew I could do anything.

Being able to transfer my emotions into something that I can create and express myself freely and sharing it with the world is my inspiration. Seeing people bobbing their heads to my emotions and creativity is my inspiration. Creating my own soundtrack to life is my inspiration. Creating a soundtrack to your life is my inspiration. Just conveying all of that energy into being a music producer is one of the most satisfying things ever.


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