I Get It, But...

Wynton Marsalis went on a podcast and one of the things he talked about is the excessive vulgarity in Hip Hop/Rap and making the statement that Hip Hop is more damaging to black people than the confederate statues.

My words are not that powerful. I started saying in 1985 I don’t think we should have a music talking about niggers and bitches and hoes. It had no impact. I’ve said it. I’ve repeated it. I still repeat it. To me that’s more damaging than a statue of Robert E. Lee.”

While I do agree that there is a lot of vulgarity in Hip Hop/Rap I do think he reached on the more damaging than confederate statues angle. Hip Hop isn't close to being 50 years old while the confederate figures have been around much longer than that. You think about what those people did and represent for well over 400 years then you look at what Hip Hop has done since its arrival in the 70's, I'll have to respectfully disagree with the jazz legend. I DO get his sentiment though. Hip Hop/Rap has made many African-Americans wealthy, saved plenty of people from being on the streets, has become a fabric of society now, given people the chance to show our creativity and push the envelope of music and also has given people the opportunity branch out into other ventures. While the confederate figures these statues are in honor for represents slavery, Jim Crow, racial discrimination, the tearing apart of families, lynchings, the brutality our people suffered for over 400 years and Hip Hop/Rap has been more damaging than that? Now is there anything bad that has come from Hip Hop/Rap? Definitely, its not without fault, course. The disrespect and misogyny shown to women, homophobia, and the glorification of sex, drugs and violence come to mind. But what about movies? Should we say movies are damaging as well? If that's the case entertainment as a whole is more damaging than anything. I respect Mr. Marsalis's opinion and there are definitely some things he said that I do co-sign its just that statement above that I really find tough to nod my head to.

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