What's Beef?

First off shout out to the homie and legend Paragon and legend Carlos Broady for giving us this beef anthem:

...then Paragon dropping this gem on'em:

So just in case you've been living under a rock for the past week Pusha T and Drake has engaged in quite a beef on wax right now. I'm pretty entertained right now, but cats gon' realize Drake got strategy, not ammo, and he usually gets the upper hand that way (see the invoice). I can't front on Pusha though, although it was quite TMZ-ish (Drake did bring up Pusha's fiance though) he did have bars for Drake and as long as this stay on wax its all good. I'm not here for this particular beef though. I'm going in on the importance of beef in Hip Hop.

Hip Hop is competitive. Very competitive. Modern Hip Hop thrives on two things: Competition and relevance. If you're one of those things you have a shot, but if you've made your way into both? You gucci, g. But a good beef brings you both of those. All through Hip Hop's history we've been grateful to see and hear some of the greatest diss songs of all time. Moments of beef that will live forever in the annals of Hip Hop. Moments like KRS-One bum rushing PM Dawn's set and throwing them off stage, Canibus making LL go back and write his verse and dissing him on the song he's on him with (!), Ice Cube being on the good end of one of the most scathing disses of all time (No Vaseline aimed at NWA) and on the bad end of one of the most scathing diss songs of all time (Common - The Bitch in Yoo), MC Hammer being an easy target, but being the wrong man to bring that to when it came time (youtube Redman's story on Hammer and Hammer putting a hit out on 3rd Bass and Erick Sermon's Hammer story), 50 Cent dogging Ja Rule, but then using his same formula to become a bigger artist than him (DAMN!). But also the beef game is vicious though with the whole East/West rivalry taking out two of the greats in Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. Things have changed though now where its just not on wax anymore. With the advent of social media we no longer have to wait months for a beef response. Now rappers are skilled with 'twitter fingers' and can retort at the drop of a dime. Another thing that has helped is streaming services like youtube, soundcloud, etc. where an artist can just drop a song at a moments notice out of nowhere. The evolution of the Hip Hop beef is one that is fascinating. I know I've left out plenty here and could make this about 50-plus pages long, but I just wanted to throw this little nugget out there. Now let's wait to see what Drake comes back with next...

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