Ear Maturity

Its difficult for me to listen to full albums by today's artists. I haven't quite pinpointed the reason, but I can definitely say that it hasn't been often where I'll listen. That isn't to say I haven't though. Nipsey Hussle has probably one of the best albums I've heard this year. But personally it don't hold much replay value to me. I sat down and thought about what albums do I go back and constantly listen to within the last five years.

Oddisee - The Good Fight

Oddisee - Alwasta

Phonte - No News Is Good News

The Midnight Hour - The Midnight Hour

Black Milk - Fever

Black Milk & Nat Turner - The Rebel Sessions

True enough, three of those albums came out this year, but I use those albums as templates in my head. I love the vibe of each one of those albums. There is nothing harsh in terms of frequency to my ears and I love that. Everything is smooth and clean or smooth and dirty. More melodic than anything. Oddisee really has been a huge influence in my approach the last few years and when I go and listen to compositions and skeletons I've made (when not sampling) and I hear a lot of his influence. I'm getting up there in age. I've hit the reset button on a lot things in my life and my choice of music is a reflection...now don't get it twisted...M.O.P stay in rotation lol.

Oh and by the way "Prototype Patient Model No. 2: An Audiography" coming out in October 2018...

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