November 14, 2014

For three years I have absolutely hated this day. Three years. I can't replay the whole week in my head, but I can easily replay the first two hours after I heard the news. Numb. Sadness. Anger. Emotional. Grief. Confused. Shocked. Standoffish. Distracted. And that was just within the first 40 seconds of learning my friend, my mentor, my musical and Gemini-an brethren, Ennis Newman (Fathom 9, Avenging Wind, Cronos - God of All Time, Dr. Anon, The Bluesman, Orion Kwest, Anti-Life Equation, etc.) passed away. I didn't want to believe it. I was getting calls, but because I don't generally like to talk on the phone at work, so I didn't answer it. I saw text messages, but because I had just gotten in to work I wanted to get my morning duties out of the way before I got to them. It wasn't until I got on Facebook did I see reactions, but I didn't know who they were about. I had one FB message from an unlikely person that read (paraphrasing) Hi Kevin, sorry about your friend. I knew how much he meant to you. Sending my condolences. That's when I went to my text messages. That's when I started returning phone calls. That's when I went into my 40 second tailspin. Literally a part of me fell ill. I didn't want to do anything that day. Nothing. I just wanted to get under the covers at home and sleep and hope it was a dream.

HatED this day for three years...

No longer feel that way, but I still get emotional leading up to this day. More so than his birthday, even. Fall is HIS season. Everything revolved around Autumn. His music. His mood. Him, lol. I'm in a celebratory mood this year and forever. He left a hell of a legacy. He left us not just pieces of him, but whole parts of him. His music. His writings. His IG "I love you" posts. His nose was enough for all of us, lol. I have a piece of recording that was the last thing he ever recorded. He was recording a verse for a guy in another part of the country. We listened after we were done and he said he liked it, but he knows he can do better and was going to come back and re-record it, but after the hoopla of the IMC10 album was done and over with. I played it at the tribute show I threw for him some years ago. After that, I archived it away. I brought it back out last week when I looked at some old YouTube stuff we did together. That's when I realized I have nothing to be hateful or sad about. He lived it up. I would say Rest On, but nah...he's making beats...and its is best work to date.

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