Not Capitalizing Off Your Resources

I'm SO guilty of this. Well at least the last five years of MaxPtah is guilty of this. I haven't taken full advantage of the resources that I have available. I have a contract with a digital outlet to release music anytime I feel like it with no red tape. I have a camera that I could use to create a boatload of content. I have a LOT of music that I have not released (or finished, either). I have a podcast that I really enjoy doing with two of my good friends. I'm finally utilizing my website, but I know I could be doing a lot more with it. These are resources that I have right at my fingertips and I'm probably using them at a 20% clip rate. And I'm being generous with that number. Its not a confidence thing. I genuinely think that I create dope content, but its just something about putting it out that kind of nerves me. I was going to keep PMMII as a free download, but I really put a lot into it and I feel it deserves to be heard on major platforms. I got to get better at this. Personally I got a lot on my plate and I really do try to make room for it all, but I am failing hard at it. I'm looking at 2019 right now. I can make that be a reclamation project. I can bring my brand back. I hesitate a lot and its because down deep inside there is a little fear. Fear can be good. Fear can be beaten. I've defeated it before, but at the same time it has molly-whopped me a lot as well. So I'm creating goals for the quarters of 2019. I plan on meeting 100% of them no matter how "crazy" they are. People like content. Everything you do won't be liked by everyone. You will win. You will lose. You will get hated on. You will get criticized. You will be praised. You will be liked. You will be confused. You will have doubt. You will have confidence. You will have fear. You will defeat fear.

Do you. Be you. Win, even if it the win isn't isn't a beauty pageant.

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