Cash Gang - "Money Shit" (featuring Killa J, Rob Major, Trap Ea$y, King Reefa)

So last weekend the homie KB Da Don's (one of the co-hosts for Champion Hills Podcast) nephew sent us a video of a new song and visual they had just dropped. Both his is nephews are in it rapping and I genuinely do like the song and video and it wasn't just saying it for support. So when we mentioned that we like it one of them said, and I'm paraphrasing, cool cause I know you all are picky. KB responded in correct fashion by saying "way to appreciate us and shit on us at the same time", lol.

I felt the same way KB did, but I had to get a bit deeper into it. I had to think if I was really "picky" when it comes to music. One thing I can say is that MaxPtah about 15 years ago was definitely on some picky shit. I really refused to listen to anything other than what was in my bubble and if there was a song that was out that I really liked (Bow Wow's "Fresh Azimiz") I wouldn't let anyone know it. I'd be at home bumpin the shit out of that song. Common summed it up best and we all know the line "If I don't like it I don't like that doesn't mean that I'm hatin'" and I feel that's something that this generation coming up has to understand. I probably like about 40% of the music that is out now and I really am listening to a lot of the artists now and really digging them, but its still a segment where I know that the music isn't for me. For example, although I do like the Cash Gang song/video, it isn't for me. It wasn't made for me. I wrote a post about ear maturity a while back and this song falls into that category. The whole genre of trap falls into that category. That doesn't mean I'm hating on it and shunning Trap as a whole because its some trap songs that I absolutely love. Trap is the one genre were that beat is to be top notch for me to like it. The lyrics and subject matter are repetitive and oft formulated. In other words, I know what I'm getting lyrically & structurally in a trap song...there are few surprises. Same goes for overly conscious (read: too preachy) Hip Hop. I know what I'm getting so lyrically and structurally I'm looking for something different. Its not that I'm picky per se, but I can't like everything just because someone I know created it. That's me lying to you and I'd rather be honest and give constructive criticism rather than lie to you and give you a false sense of confidence. If I want to see you succeed I'm giving you the truth. So for me to be "picky" in a music means you want me to lie to you and tell you you're hot and not give you my honest opinion. Nah, I don't rock like that anymore.

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