The Day I No Longer Felt Out of the League

Everyone has that moment where you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt you're vindicated at something. You have your closest people to you encouraging you and big upping everything you do, but there is that doubt because you know these people probably just don't want to hurt your feelings kill your confidence. Then you have those who do it just because later down the line they are going to want something or say that they've been there from the beginning or what not. I remember my day...

2011. Memphis Music Video Showcase.

No one told me I should enter it. No one even told me about it. I literally knew nothing of it. I forgot how I came to discover it. I had just finished recording a one-off song called "All I Really Need". Wasn't meant for a project or anything. I made the beat and I had the movie "The Jerk" playing in the background while composing it. Heard the sample that you hear at the beginning and end of the song (if you're looking at the video its not at the beginning) and I had my concept. Wrote for about two days, recited for about three, and recorded myself. Mix and mastered and BOOM! So one day I was at my former place of employment and I was there by myself and had a great idea for a video there, but I had to be there alone to do it. I knew I could get into trouble for doing it, but I would risk it. There were cameras there, but I knew those cameras hardly ever got checked. So shot the video edited and (again) BOOM! So somewhere in all of that I decided just for shits and giggles I would enter it into the competition. I knew I didn't have a shot in hell to make it. I mean the competition was with talented individuals that did this for a living or went to school for it or been doing this for years. This was my second or third video and was brand new to editing lol. Wouldn't you know it though...I made it. I was nominated in the People's Choice category. I wasn't supposed to be in it. A former classmate of mine was in it and look at his video (Black Embassy, shot by Iconick) and the winner was Cities Aviv for his video. Look at their video then look at mine. I'm out of their league, yet, I was in the league. That was the first time I had a "just happy to be there moment". I didn't tell many people about it. I wanted to relish in the moment with a few people. I did well. Though I had been doing music way before this, I knew I was where I belonged.

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