It is 2019 Bay-Bay!!! (Word to Adam Cole)

First off Happy New Year peeps!!!! We made it here! Now we got 362 opportunities to get it, so let's go!!!!

2019 will be pivotal for me. Got a lot of things I want to do and accomplish. This year will see my last foray into education. I'll be finishing up my Master's degree in October so that is a goal that is in immediate sight. 2018 was me dipping my toes back into the water on this website/blog thing. I was knee deep in this back in the MySpace days, but I scaled back my online profile majorly since. 2019 is the year I go back head first and 2020 will be me rolling in it, especially with school being over by that time. What's on tap for this year? More blogs in a sense of being beyond music, thinking about starting a vlog (key word: THINKING), more music (detailed below) and more content online. As far as the music? Here is what I got on tap for this year, that's planned at least.

Untitled Instrumental EP (Audiography Series)

When I did "Prototype Patient Model II: An Audiography" I did it on a whim sorta. Had some beats that I had posted on my IG and came across some movie samples so I just decided to see if I could weave a story along on those samples and the music and I'd say I did a friggin' good job of it. It was a high energy, sample driven project which is what I usually go for in my productions, but for this project I'm going for something a bit more melancholy, melody, moody, synth driven production. This one tells a story as well through the music and I'm really excited and can't wait to put this one out. Looking at a mid-February to March release on this.

The Legend of Lou "Cornbread" Malone

I actually started on this towards the end of 2017. I'm not going to go too much into detail, but this is the one that I'm really keeping under wraps. This is definitely going to be a project that hits the second half of 2019 because of everything that is going into it. Really expanding my repertoire on this one. This one is gonna be crazy. I haven't had this much passion for a project since "Full Range Frequency". Just so many ideas that I can't put it out into the universe just yet, but those I've already reached out to see and understand the vision that I have for this project. I'm being real careful and meticulous on it, yet I want it to be as organically sloppy as possible. Can't wait to put this out as well.

That's what's planned, but as usual anything is bound to happen when I'm constantly thinking outside the box. As I said with the blogs though, I'm gonna get back more into everything around me and just not in music. Sports, life, pop culture and will definitely bringing the podcast back to the website. We're starting season three of the Champion Hills Podcast and we're looking forward to another great season and we want you guys along for the ride. Its 2019 bay-bay! Let's go!!!!!

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