Separation Anxiety

So unless you're not on social media or live under a rock the last few days have evolved around a predatory R&B singer. I'm not gonna mention the singer's name because I really have no desire to get into all that's been said on social media about the show airing or anything else. I've seen all the takes and anything other than mentioning how despicable he is or how we should protect our children (yes this goes for boys, too) you all can FOH for real. So that's all I'm speaking on as far as that whole situation goes, but I want to focus on something else that came up while hanging with the fam this weekend.

Al mentioned the predator's name and my wife rapidly responded by saying "Are we really about to talk about this?", which I found hilarious. Not what she said, but the timing of it. So the topic of conversation quickly turned into if we can separate the artist from the person. Al said he can. My wife said she couldn't. I'm in the same boat as my wife. Now I'm not gonna sit up here and be a hypocrite and say I've never liked any of this predator's music. I maybe rocked with one or two songs, tops. This predator has never been my cup of tea, but I can respect a good song if you happen to make one. Since everything has come to light though I won't rock with those songs anymore. I believe your artistry is a direct reflection of the person you are in everyday life. Looking at this predator's catalog it is pretty evident. The predator has targets. The song titles and lyrics reflect it and I really won't stand for that. If I found out that DOOM or any of my favorite artists did some foul shit I can cut it off. Case in point Afrika Bambataa. I was a member of the UZN (Univerisal Zulu Nation) and rocked hard to "Planet Rock". It was a staple of early Hip Hop. Then once it came out that he sexually assaulted a boy I've separated myself from his music as well as being a member of the UZN. I am not going to support a predator in any shape or form. I just refuse to. So you all can cape for that predator all you want to, but just know I AM judging you and your character.


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