The VSTs That Opened Up My Creative Box

As I mentioned before although I started out my first few years not sampling, I was mostly a sampled based producer. Spent years digging for loops and sounds and chopping and replaying riffs and songs to come up with something fresh. At one point I was super anti-not sampling. The original productions I was hearing was sounding to clean and cheesy. Nothing had that grime and dirt I was used to. When I started using Reason I finally started coming across sound and instruments (resampled) that were catching my ear, but it wasn't anything that would make me leave the world of DITC*. That changed a few years later when I came across the vst that would open up make me consider sampling less, the vst that would fuel my creation, the vst that is a monster, but only use on special occasion, and the vst that is now my starting point for anything I create.

The VST(s) That Made Me Consider Sampling Less I gotta credit the homies Digga Mondaine and IMAKEMADBEATS for introducing me to Omnisphere and Trilian, respectively. Digga put me on to Omnisphere. I was never really a softsynth user although Reason had some refills that were badass. Reason never hit me the way these to vsts did and I gotta admit I didn't really give it a chance. Omnisphere brought a whole new element to my ears. I was hearing a lot more cinematic stuff and that was something I wanted to explore. I tinkered around with Omnisphere and knew that it would be a powerful tool, but it wasn't until Omnisphere 2 that I finally understood the power and it became a need in my creative flow. Trilian has a similar story with me. I was afraid of low end. I ran from the bottom in my music. I could never get it right. Then when I got a bass refill for Reason I started warming up to it, but it was still a nightmare for me. I would create something on the MPC and track it over to Pro Tools and I wouldn't put anything underneath it. When the Reason bass refill came out I would try to add something in PT on a midi track but I was never happy with the results. When I got the Maschine and IMMB introduced me to Trilian it was the end of that. I finally got the bass vst I had dreamed of, plus it was from the same people that did Omnisphere. It was (is) Heaven. Its rare that I don't go to Trilian for my low end.

The VST(s) That Would Fuel My Creation

I can't live without Omnisphere or Trilian, but thanks to this next collection I would have a fine Plan B if those two were to screw up somehow. The Arturia Collection 6 threw down the gauntlet on other VSTs. You got classic synths like the CMI, beautiful pianos and electric pianos, a B-3 organ, and a softsynth minimoog. Its where I go to when its time to layer. The presets are ridiculous, too. Its a world of sounds different from Omnisphere which is what I love about it. I've had some vsts that were almost identical and I would then quit using both lol. But just variation of Omnisphere and AC6 showed me that they both can't just only co-exist, but they are powerful enough on there own as main vsts.

The VST That is a MONSTER...In Creation and on My CPU

The Diva...If this vst wasn't so taxing on my maxed out computer I would use this a lot more. A whole helluva lot more. I've found a way around it though, but I feel the need to bring this out when I need to make a statement lol. The engine is powerful and it does a great job of emulating the great hardware analog synths. You can do a lot of modifying here as well so your sound design creation is not limited. Goal for the year...MOAR DIVA.

The VST That is My Band

When I got the Maschine the only product that I was familiar with from them was Native Instrument's Battery 3. It was Empee's go to for drums and I see why. So when I got Maschine had it in my head that I can now completely move away from sampling with having that, Omnisphere, Trilian, and Diva. Little did I know that there was another vst that would be my end all be all. I knew I had Kontakt, but it was a hassle to use and I had some sucky instruments lol. IMAKEMADBEATS to the rescue again. He suggested some and slid a few my way as well. It opened up a new world, but it wasn't still a go to yet. So I took three months at the beginning of 2018 to use nothing but Kontakt and oh my God this thing is freakin' awesome. It's pretty much my staple and the cool thing about it is that its not a vst in the traditional sense like Omnisphere. Its almost like its it own program in itself and you can just build on it. Some of my favorite Kontakt instruments:

Orange Tree Samples Guitars (Jazz Archtop, Stratosphere, Rick 12)

Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass

Session Horns Pro

Session Strings


Vintage Organs


London Solo Strings


Gentleman Piano

Maverick Piano

The Giant


8Dio's Angels

Scarbee Electric Piano

...and that's just what I can think of off the top of my head.

All in all, these vsts have opened up a more creative world for me and Kontakt is in the forefront. You'll be hearing everything soon. The second in the Audiology is nearing the mastering stage and "The Legend of Lou "Cornbread" Malone is in progress now.

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