We (Read: Native Instruments Users) Get It Akai, You're The Best In The World

Welp...once again Akai has released another amazing bad ass product and us Maschine users are left twittling our thumbs and contemplating jumping ship. The only win NI can claim over the past ten years is how the MPC Touch mysteriously disappeared. Other than that, Akai has been kicking our ass. Need proof? Ok.

MPC Renaissance - Badass

MPC Live - Badasss

MPC X - Badassss

MPC 2.0 Software - Gifted from the Software Gawdz

Akai Fire (for FL Studio) - FL even getting into the action

Akai Force - They just shat upon the APC, Push, and Push 2

Akai Lightsaber -

Akai M783.34 Space Modulator

Akai (insert name here)

I mean Akai is helping FL Studio be better than Native Instruments! Akai made the APC FOR Ableton LIve, Ableton struck back with Push and Push 2, but then Akai showed them that they didn't even need a computer to show how badass they are. They took the Ableton workflow and made it CPUseless (see what I did there). Gatdam that's ultra levels of flexing on'em.

Native Instruments?

Maschine Studio - Cool, not a game changer though

Maschine Jam - Cool, but can't compete with Ableton at what they are known for, nice additions as well for the software

Maschine 2.7 Software - No new breakthroughs yet

Maschine MKIII - OK NI, I see you.

Maschine Mikro MKIII - Really, NI?

Can't complain too much about NI though. Kontakt and Massive are some of the best vsts out there.

*There I go trying to cape for NI. Sigh...C'mon NI...I'm still ridin' with ya...for the time being

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