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If you're not a Wu Tang Clan fan (and if you aren't, what are you doing with your life?) and got Ghostface's "Fishscale" album you probably know why the title of this is RAGU. If not the acronym stands for Rae(kwon) And Ghost(face Killah) United. And for last night #Verzuz that was very evident. Sadly I caught the second half of it cause I completely forgot until my wife reminded me that it was on, but once I got on there I was locked in. I've caught all of the battles that I wanted to see (Primo v RZA, Snoop v DMX, Jeezy v Gucci) and looked at recaps of all the other ones and it seems hands down that this was the best one. For me personally it definitely was. Been a part of Wu since '93 and my fandom is still as strong as before. This definitely was one of the best battles cause it felt like a live album. What I mean by that is in between the songs their banter was like their classic interludes where they are just talking and chopping it up like brothers. This was a W for Hip Hop and for fans of the Wu. Red and Meth now got bar to go by when they do their battle.

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