Ayo, Where You Been Homie?!?!?

I know, I know. Its been about a month and I haven't touched this in a bit, but the reason is because I've been setting up work on another platform. I've been working on my YouTube channel and you'll get the inside scoop here first. So first off I really wanted to do it here on the site, but there are some things I'm limited to do on here so I think going the YouTube route is the best option (for now). I'm working on five "shows" for now and they are:

Making a Beat (Working title) - I'll be reviewing some sound packs and making beats just from the sounds/samples within them. I wanted to do a blog series like this, but I think audio and visuals would be much better.

Hip Hop/Music Doc Reviews - I love music documentaries, more so though, I love Hip Hop documentaries. I'll be talking about my favorites ones and hopefully I'll be put on to some to check out.

Record Sto' Chroniclez/Crazy Stories - My first ever job was working a well known local mom and pop record store and I got some crazy stories and pet peeves in those. Also just crazy random true stories in my life.

Beats 'N' Eats- I'll be cooking up in the kitchen and in the studio. I'll also be inviting other producers to be featured as well.

Champion Hills - The video version of the podcast along with K.B. Da Don and Chris. We'll be doing top ten lists and short topics as an extension of the podcast. It's all about sports, life, more sports aaaannnnnnnd...

Those are the first "shows" for now, but got plenty others that I'm writing and fleshing out. Oh, and there will be one "show" exclusive to the website. I'll be doing "Sample Flip Saturday" where I'll take a record, or records, and flip them. The reason behind that is the whole copyright thing that YouTube has on there. I'll have a bit more freedom to work a bit without having the lingering about. The first Making a Beat video is actually up, but its kind of a pilot. Been reworking and trying to come up with a good format. Channel will be premiering soon!!!

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