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Winning Season

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

One thing I always want for anyone whether I like you or dislike you is for you to win at whatever you're doing or pursuing. I want everyone to enjoy success. If we have issues with each other on a personal level, that will not carry over into hoping you fail at whatever it is you have a passion for or working on. I just want people to WIN in general especially after the year 2020 was. I'm seeing a lot of winning in Memphis right now. Some people I know personally, some by proxy, and others I have no idea who they are, but they are succeeding at their craft. Memphis was part of Superbowl ads, Oprah spotlighting "The Mound", Memphis on Disney+ and in the comic book world, Memphis winning at the Grammy's, Memphis kicking ass on Amazon Prime and that's just everything on the world level. We're winning locally, too. I love seeing people succeed and celebrating and boasting their accomplishments. Memphis has been on the cusp for way too long. We're about to show you all what this city is truly about.

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