Gimmicks Vs. Music

A couple of Saturdays ago Count Bass D uploaded a video of him refuting the allegation that he is Mr. Fantastik that was on DOOM's MM...FOOD album. In the process of him talking about that he mentioned DOOM and his infamous mask. He recounted once where he and DOOM was at a show and DOOM went without the mask and CBD was shocked that he would do that because that's his "gimmick". Soon CBD would learn something DOOM probably already knew...people don't give a fuck about the music, just the image. He said that people were talking mad greasy about DOOM right within earshot or RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE! There was no mask though so they didn't know that the Metalfaced Villain was present. Artists want people to respect the music (or whatever medium of art they create) instead of their image. Value the piece of work over the person who created the work. Its not a hard thing to do. The crazy thing is though, now we've hit that intersection with R. Kelly and Michael Jackson. The image of them has definitely been devalued, so do we also now devalue their music? That's another question for another blog, but I want to stick with this subject. I saw a twitter post where someone said that they could respect Daft Punk more if they got rid of their gimmick and lost the helmets. So they are basically saying, I want to know what they look like so that I can value their image more than the music they create, although I really do like their music a lot. I can see in this day and age though why such a statement is made. The public wants to KNOW the artists. What they eat, what they look like sans makeup, where they go on their free time, how their artistic process works. Since they're paying for their music and paying to go to their shows, they feel entitled to get to know everything about them. In return though, some artists dig that. They want to be seen as accessible and down to earth and an everyperson. That generates more exposure for their brand and could generate more monetary value. I'm not knocking it, hell I have a website, lol. All artists don't maneuver the same. Some artists keep their private like at that. Private. We aren't entitled to know all of their personal lives that they don't share. Stop that shit. Their sharing their art with you, which is the creative and sometime most vulnerable extension of their lives. Be grateful they're sharing that part. Respect that.

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