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I Gotta Do it NI...

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

So...since 2012 I've been faithful to Native Instruments. I've owned three Maschines: MK2, MK2 Mikro, and the MK3. All three have served their purpose. The MK2 was my introduction to the product. Definitely a learning curve, but once you've gotten to the point you know how to use it "your" way, the possibilities are endless. The MK2 Mikro has been the portable laptop joint for me. I've learned how to use that and actually the MK3 Mikro is a step backwards to me. And the MK3 is definitely the pinnacle so far.

Note: Not gonna speak on the Maschine+ right now. Kinda salty about it, but that's gonna be another blog post...

Which now brings me to a decision I am heavily leaning towards. I'm definitely looking at purchasing the Akai MPC One. I've actually talked myself out of it about five times already. I want something portable, but want it to be standalone (good by MK2 Mikro) and something I won't need a power outlet for (goodbye trusty MPC1000). It would be for the sole purpose of portable beatmaking. If I'm out somewhere for a while I'm gonna want to entertain myself and what better way than to do that. Plus I still get to use my NI Expansions with it. Now don't get it twisted the MK3 is still the #1 option and the Mikro is #2, but the MPC1 would provide me with a new way of doing things and it'll be something new to learn. I've been apart of the Akai world before (owner of the MPC1000 and OG MPK25), it would hurt to be in the neighborhood again

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