LB is BACK!!!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

There are two groups and two artists who I can honestly say is thee reason I love Hip Hop so much: (MF) DOOM, Rakim, Wu Tang Clan, and the group who has announced their reformation, Little Brother. Phonte confirmed the reunion via this week and trust me no one, and I mean NO ONE is as happy as me. It will be interesting to hear what the duo (yep...duo, the group mutually agreed that it was best to continue as two without 9th) has in store with both growing as artists. Phonte, a grammy nominated artist as part of the Foreign Exchange has ventured out into a whole different realm, but has shown that if tested, he'll still come for your head. Big Pooh on the other hand, has quietly put together a resume that has three critically acclaimed solo releases (Sleepers, Words Paint Pictures, and my favorite, Home Sweet Home) and not only shown growth over time, but more importantly show consistency. So glad for this news to hit at this time. Welcome back Little Brother!!!

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