So Here We Are...(Sigh)...Again...

This has been an emotional week for me, well, two weeks actually. Honestly all of May has been pretty emotional. Truth be told, all of 2020 has been emotional and for the most part I've been keeping a lot of things in check. Not bottling up things per se, but just not saying anything on social media. Nothing on FB, twitter, or IG. No video or anything. I like to have my venting sessions with people in person, whether we're agreeing or not. I don't trust trying to do that over these innawebs. I still don't think I've cracked yet, but this is the closest I've come. Between Ahmad Arbery and George Floyd, to Amy Cooper and Tom Austin, to the heroic yet tragic loss of former WWE superstar and real-life superhero Shad Gaspard, I'm spent. I'm tired. I'm mad. I'm scared. I'm fearful for my brothers, my friends, my son, my dad, my uncles, my cousins. Never will I be numb to any of this because this is how it is. I don't want to hear there are good cops and bad cops again. I know that. Its old news. Repetitive. I'm a nervous wreck when a cop car gets behind me just to get over again to get in the turning lane. Most may not understand and those are the ones I'm disappointed in. You're tired of hearing it, we're tired of experiencing it. Don't bring that my way. I'm not having it. I love you all.

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