Why AB May Have Started a New Tactic

So during our slumber on this spring forward night, the Raiders and Steelers verbally agreed to trade Antonio Brown to Oakland for a third rounder and a fifth rounder AND they gave him a three year $50 million contract with $30 million in guaranteed money and the base pay of the first two years of his contract guaranteed. Many would say that the Raiders made good out on this trade, and rightfully so, but can we talk about how AB just straight punked Pittsburgh? Like, damn that was hateful. AB had mad leverage and you can't fault him for using it to his advantage. The teams get to chew up and spit players out as they see fit, but Brown turned the tables on Pittsburgh in this case. The only thing I see that might be the negative in all of this is the fact that he's going to Oakland and they are in rebuild mode, but that could be changing and I'll get to that later. Let's look at the order of what AB did at the end of the season: got criticized by his POS rapey QB who is untouchable in the Steeler organization, then blew up during a week 17 practice that led to him getting benched, then proceeded to leave the game at halftime, then started cryptic messaging on social media that he wanted a trade, went on LeBron's show and shat upon the Steeler organization, officially announcing that he wanted out of Pittsburgh only for them to say we want a first round pick for him and must be dealt by Friday, March 8th, then gets traded for the third and fifth round picks and received a massive (albeit deserving) contract to boot...WHEW! You try that at your job and see what will happen. So with the Raiders now the owners of three 1s this year and two 1s next year, and getting back their 5th this year with another trade made later that day may be a good setup for the Raiders to turn it around quickly. It just depends on if they hit on these picks. As for AB, you're probably about to see a whole lot of athletes use social media the way he did to get that leverage. He was a G at it. This is going to be good going forward. The ball is in your court AD...

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