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I'm All In Now

You see this guy here? He goes by BoombapArt. He's a YouTuber I follow and is one of the dopest beatmakers on YouTube right now. Props to Marlowe Digs, Knock Squared, Sarah2ill, and plenty more, but there is a reason I'm focusing on this guy right here. He's way across the pond in Sweden, an eight hour time difference from me here in Memphis, TN. This is my guy here. He did something for me that I hadn't heard in a long time regarding my creativity. He gave me the hard truths. Like really, really hard. I've been doing YouTube for over a decade with not much to show for it. Honestly I can say I been about 10% go on it with work, family, and life, but after thinking about how much free time I usually have I definitely can go a lot harder. He then gave me useful info about how to beat or play the game of the YouTube algorithm. A lot of useful info that this man didn't have to do, but he took the time out to do it. This is my guy and I want you all to go support him and check out his channel. Time to get real. I know it won't be an overnight thing, but I gotta start somewhere. Its time...

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